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How do I setup my Belkin range extender?

  1. Plug the range extender into a wall outlet.

  2. Connect your wireless client device to the default SSID of your range extender.

  3. Access any web browser and go to http://belkin.range to start the Setup Wizard.

  4. Click Start Setup.
    Belkin Router Setup
    Belkin WiFi Extender Setup
One Might think that installing these network devices can be a rocket since but trust me its just a plug and play device.

Today I will explain how you can setup Belkin extender in Easyist way possible-

Please follow steps carefully and get the Belkin extender working and extending your network.

Just Follow these simple steps

First Please Unbox Your Belkin Range Extender And Plug It into the Power Outlet Near to Your Main Wireless Router.
You Really Don’t Need to Connect You computer to Belkin Range extender With an Internet Cable. Just Go to Your Computer and Look for available Networks.
As Soon As You Plugged Your Extender Into Power Outlet You Will Get an Extra Wireless Network name ( Belkin.setup ) On Your Computer Network List.
Please Connect With Unsecured Belkin.setup Network. (You Can setup Password & Secure It During Installation )
Now Open The Browser & Go to Setup Belkin Extender page using & Than Install And Configure Belkin Range Extender.
Now Your Range Extender Will Search For Network Name which is In the Range Of Your Extender
Select The Network Name that You Want to Extend And Click On Next.
Follow the further onscreen instructions to get the installation done.

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